Push notification


And now, a case of a “push” notification, redefined:

A woman in Newark, New Jersey went in for a routine pregnancy check up when her water broke. This actually sounds pretty ideal in terms of surprise-water-breaking-scenarios – being already surrounded by medical staff when it happens – but Keyanna Rivera had another problem: her doctor wasn’t there.

When Rivera went into labor, her doctor was finishing a surgery in another facility a few miles away, leaving her with only a medical assistant who had never delivered a baby before.

Rivera’s husband came up with the idea to FaceTime Dr. Devalla during the delivery. Sounds pretty crazy, but it actually worked: Dr. Devalla was able to give instructions to Rivera and the medical assistant via the iPhone app, helping Rivera to safely deliver her son Rafael.

facetimeI think we often forget about how the technologies we take for granted can make a real difference in the world. If asked to pick a potentially life-saving iPhone app, your first thought probably wouldn’t be FaceTime. (I assume – I don’t use FaceTime, so maybe its regular users would be quicker to vocalize their support.) But this story is a great example of how we can push our communications efforts and the boundaries of our technology, not just by creating new devices, but by coming up with new ways to use the ones we already have.

Rivera was happy with her husband’s quick thinking and Dr. Devalla’s response and instructions, but she says she would not want to have to deliver another child via FaceTime. (Can’t say I blame her.)


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